The publication architexto is a series of books and exhibitions including a workshop where an architect and another profession (like a writer, a director, etc.) have to produce a book together.

It has caught my attention by their last publication on Damien Henry, architects, and Bouli Lanners, a director.

Bouli Lanners was the one who gave us ‘ultranova’. It is a hilarious film about a seller of turn-key houses. Lanners has started off as a Comedian at the Snuls, a Belgian comedy, so you can imagine, how this man is stage-managing the suburban no man’s land. This is not just a film for architects and urban planners but also for people who like the cities to become denser in a more cultural way.

Visit the next exhibition of architexto in Liège, Belgium, from 06nov 08 until the 06dec 08:
Maison Renaissance de L’Emulation
This exhibition is featuring Baumans-Deffet as architects and Géraldine Brausch as a philosophe.
You can meet them in person the 22nov 08 at the exhibition.

The books can be bought online and are in English and French. The series is featuring the following creative duos:
06 Damien Henry, architect + Bouli Lanners, director
05 Martiat-Durnez, architects + Frédéric Saenen, writer
04 Daniel Delgoffe, architects + Mycose, comix factory
03 AIUD, architects + Carmelo Virone, writer
02 Nélis-Delincé, architects + Pascal Leclercq, writer
01 FHW, architects + Nicolas Ancion, writer

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