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davey dance blog
David Fishel is a video producer from the States. Since quite a while he is dancing in urban spaces with his iPod on, publishing it in the internet at Davey Dance Blog. I thought that COOL and invited him to an interview. Since we could not meet personally the interview was made via skype and the quality is not the best.
But with all this urbanity and NOISE, I have this nice background sound from the Brazilian Jungle for you.

His three favorites clips:
The first one you can see right here the other ones please visit his website.
-38- ROCKEFELLER CENTER – Mariah Carey – “All I Want for Xmas is You”
-43- KARLSRUHE – Björk “Oh So Quiet”

Davey Dance Blog – MONT ST. MICHEL – Modest Mouse – “Float On” from Pheasant Plucker.

3 thoughts on “Davey Dance Blog

  1. Fabulous, marvelous. I really appreciate this way of doing Art. Yoy can visit the world and share your impressions with the most universal way to communicate : the music and the dance. And everything without big intellect and “want to be” a great contemporary artist. great great great, I love it.

  2. Hi Jula! Probably you know this guy, who started dancing in several places around the world in 2006 already: http://www.wherethehellismatt.com He became really famous in youtube and got a sponsor for his second world-tour later on. he was invited to a bunch of tv- and radio-shows and there are several guys around the world trying to do the same. Don´t know if he was the first who came up with the idea of combining holiday-trips, dancing, video and internet-blog but its really quiet interesting how dance as a nonverbal language is an apropriate medium of human expression within our globalized information-networks. keep on blogging and good luck for the RPC-story – quite interesting! Axel

    Hi Axel!
    Thank you for always commenting on my posts. I didn’t know that guy before but checked it out. He is working more on a cultural/social aspect. But I think it is a great idea anyway to choose dance as a international language since we have all the same body (but move it in so many different ways). It is somehow funny to see him dance in the same way all over the world. 🙂

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