Unfassbares wird hörbar … wird fassbar

Finally there is an eBook published with all the information in detail about the ‘RadioFavela – The Sound of Rio’ in German. But there are a lot of plans and visual stuff that you might find interesting to look at.

Favelas are coming from Rio de Janeiro,
Samba is coming from Rio de Janeiro,
Drugs are coming from Rio de Janeiro,
I‘m coming from Germany – Should I meddle with that?

Worldwide we are confronted with megacities and squatter settlement with an extremely high density. To politicians, economists and sociologists these squatters are a nightmare, but artists love it as a treasure chest. I went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to see what‘s going on – with my own eyes. The situation is not assumable (unfassbar), but very consumable (hörbar). Theatre, music, movies, (street) art, … the squatter indwellers did find so many ways to make themselves heard to finally make themselves comfortable in the formal city. My proposition/my reaction then is subsumable (fassbar): a with satellites, the city furnitures. I wanted to tune (into) the process of intermunicipal communication. 140 pages, ca 95 pictures

The podcast is accomplished by a website in English and German, where you can find more information and photos – not in chronological but in content dued order.

Visit it at www.radiofavela.ar2com.de

Here you can listen to the podcasts of the RadioFavela-Project – categorized in three chapters:
Not assumable becomes consumable … becomes subsumable. Please notice that on the blog you will always start with the last posted podcast.

The project can be implanted in every megacity even though it is planned for Rio de Janeiro.
Could you imagine or even suggest other cities offering such a service like the RadioProductionCentre?

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