Favelados and Police are partying together

‘Cavalao com Arte’ (= ‘Cavalao with ’) is a product of Viva Rio and the Police Command for Special Areas (CPAE), a unit adapted from Boston supposed to beat down .
This special police unit invites once a month the favelados to their police station inside the of Cavalao, where a concert with artists from the and the police will rock the people. Unfortunately I should write women, since the men are still reserved about this event. But nevertheless since the CPAE is there, there hasn’t been heard a shot.
Rubem César Fernandes, executive director of Viva Rio, gives you some more background information on the event.

Next week you will hear the second part of this event and an interview with Ruben on the association of Viva Rio.

One thought on “Favelados and Police are partying together

  1. I forgot to emphasize on the fact that music is making urbanism here. With the help of this concert once a month the CPAE, the police unit, managed to really enter the favela. The favelados are no more afraid of the police and so it helped to reduce violence!

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