From the ’Famine Aesthetic’ to the ‘Favela-Pop’

A short and superficial overview on the HISTORY OF FILM in . As you know I made a critical remark to the Golden Bear for Tropa de Elite. I just would like to suggest some other -films which are worth to be watched.

Next monday you get a cast on TV Roc, the broadcasting from Rocinha.

Auf deutsch könnt Ihr das Thema Film hier nachlesen.

Topics of the Brazilian film history and films I am refering to:
I tried to find the youtube links – only the newer ones are in English. When I linked the English title than it should be in English.
Cinema Novo
= italian Neo-realism (for example: Roma Città Aperta from Bertolucci)

  • Rio 40 Graus‘ /Rio at 40 degrees, 1955/ and ‘Rio Zona Norte’ /Rio Northern Zone, 1957/ from Nelson Pereira dos Santos,
    You may watch the whole film in Portuguese. This here is just the first sequence. The rest you can find on youtube.
  • Cinco vezes Favela /five times favela 1962/, a collective film
  • Gláuber Rocha calls it in 1965 the “aesthetic of famine”.

Cinema Marginal

  • Terra em Transe‘ /Gláuber Rocha, Land in Trance 1967/,
    DVD out just in portuguese.
  • Macunaíma‘ /1969 by Joaquim Pedro/,
    in Portuguese and French
    The scene with the swimming pool is from the Parque Lage.
  • O homem que Virou Suco‘ /The squeezed Man, 1979 by Jaoa Batista de Andrade/

(more for TV than for cinema)

  • ‘Olhar Electrônico’ /electronic view/ with ‘Garotos do Subúrbio’ /The boys from the suburbs, 1982/
  • ‘Solo, the Law of Favela’ (1994),
  • ‘Zezé’ – The boy, the pod-lid and the favela’ (1995),
  • ‘Geraldo voador’ /Flying Gerald/(1996).


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