Green Space

Parque Lage
The Parque Lage is a small park subapical the Corcovado hill. Once a private mansion you will find there now a school of fine arts ‘Escola de Artes Visuais’.
52,2 ha green space of 126.000 ha carioca space.

My Poem:
I taped my blue eyes with green space
My tense ears capture a filtered far away noise
Light pollution at night,
Brain confusion during daytime

I’m in the park – in a
But – where is the city?
The city is only visible on my face
I didn’t come to any place

I filled my black lungs with green air
My irritated skin raises every single blond hair
No solution at night,
extensive search during daytime

I’m in the park – in a city
But – where is the city?
The city is not displaced
I definitely need more open space

What is the need of green space in a city?
Do we communicate differently?
Do we go there to communicate or to digest?

3 thoughts on “Green Space

  1. Profession: Traveller in between the worlds

    green, sad, beautiful …

    the other day i was strolling around in a big park in sao paulo – on a monday, weather was cloudy, cold. did you ever notice that there are empty spaces, nearly no one out where the big roads with all the traffic are just some steps away? velocity changes suddenly, when you step in. slowness in between velocity, space in between density, colours in between where the grey dominates…

  2. landscapearchitect

    ein video von snoop dog, passt ein bisschen zu dem gedicht vielleicht. jedenfalls kommt der park auch drin vor.

    julakim is translating:
    You can view at the end the Parque Lage.

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