Let’s have dinner with ID_frankfurt

Nina Vallon and Norbert Pape, both members of ID_Frankfurt, are independent dancers longing for an urban infrastructure suitable to their work and life. A non-institutionalised network such as ID_frankfurt formed on a common political interest ‘the urban infrastructure’ is gaining visibility in the city of Frankfurt. The communication between the Kulturamt and ID_frankfurt is mainly publicly visible in the newspapers and it has achieved an approach towards the independent scene and its realities it is facing. The realities are a lack of money and to rehearse in as well as a continuity in understanding the independent production process.
performance at MAK

ID_frankfurt pronounced in German sounds like idea frankfurt and could spend an identity for the city but should mainly just create a surface to visualise and communicate the Independent Dance in Frankfurt.

ID_frankfurt has organised the festival tanzpanorama which makes the independent scene accessible to the public. The format offers short projects and betters the exchange among the artists.

Norbert Pape and Nina Villan have been working at the Moussonturm, tanzlabor and the Forsythe Company all based in Frankfurt.

Right now there are artists in residence at the MAK in Frankfurt and you should drop by to see them elaborate their art and maybe as well be part of the process. It goes until May 2011.

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