Improvisation in Space – non-intellectualized

katy harris mcleod
Katy Harris McLeod is a dancer and choreographer from Vancouver. I had met her during the imPULStanz in last year. We have a chat on improvisation and feeling space (instead of designing/defining/intellectualizing it like we architects do).
The second part of the interview is on their ‘brief encounters’ – project. ‘Brief encounters’ brings together two professions to produce a show. You might go to their website to see some videos of it For me its a very interesting project which shows in how many ways we can communicate and enjoy our time.
Upcoming Events:
– Producing –
Brief Encounters #12 at The Anza Club in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by the tomorrow collective. May 19th-21st. 12 artists, 6 unusual pairs, 2 weeks to create.

– Performing –
Twisted, a work by Martha Carter which explores living with scoliosis. Vancouver International Dance Festival. Vancouver, B.C. Canada. April 1st-4th.

Assembly, a theatre piece by Radix Theatre. BC Scene at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. April 24th-25th.

Lunar Rouge, a dance piece by Chick Snipper. Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. June 5th-6th.

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