Sense of Loneliness

These pictures were taken in Australia, Brazil and Europe. What they all have in common though is a certain sense of loneliness which doesn’t necessarily have something to do with a single person. It is the atmosphere of the whole setting. In some pictures Sabine von Sarnowski was looking for this one soul exception within a structure. Like in the picture with the pale that arises out of the surface of a lake. The lake itself and the sky are almost the same colour therefore there is no clear horizon. It is the pale that gives structure and character to the whole picture. To me it passes an ambience of meditation and sheer silence. But if I remember the moment I took this picture, I have to admit, the weather was really lousy and there wasn’t even a place to sit down. But nevertheless, whenever I look at it, I wish I would sit by this lake again.

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Here you may even buy a calender for 2011. Don’t be afraid, it is not about loneliness but about Brazil!

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