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03/01/2010 A creative year 2011!

Dear ar2com-subscribers,

last year has been an amazing and adventurous one, mainly because ar2com which started as a research blog almost 4 years ago added a real architecture firm to its skills. the architecture firm is doing well so far and I am sure that there will be new challenges in the future.

in 2011 there is another feature added to ar2com: the summer academy PoolPlay for architects, musicians and actors which will take place in Innichen, South Tyrole. still in preparation we are hoping for some crowdfunding and so we made a video to present you the main targets and characteristics of the summer academy and how you could help us out.

Please visit the website to see the video

versione italiana Rendete PoolPlay possibile!
deutsche version Mach PoolPlay möglich!

don t bite your tongue,
PoolPlay bites!

kind regards,

ps please feel free to forward the message to anyone who might be interested.

22/10/2010 MAKINGspace2010 Award for ar2com

Dear ar2com-listeners, friends, and colleagues,

I am happy to announce that the Scarab School and the Mobile Device for the Desert were commended by the MAKINGspace2010 Award in Edinburgh on the 8th of October.

At the same time the Scarab School has been uploaded to the award for sustainable design ideas and I am asking you to make your vote for the school, since it combines two traditional ways to solve contemporary problems.
That is my understanding of contemporary architecture instead of using all these new technologies and forgetting our past we should learn how to optimise things.

At the end I would like to invite you to a special podcast done by Deniz Köse on ar2com. She talks to Joan Bazes, an artist from US, who has built a hatched house in the woods nearby Darmstadt.
the hatched house.
an interview by the admiring student in architecture and the artist

Don’t space your moves
but move your space
julakim for ar2com

27/06/2010 Ecole du Scarabée / Scarab School

Dear ar2com-listeners and especially you,

the two last posts where about the Timbuktu project – a collaboration between Tuareg and ar2com – kommunikative architektur aus darmstadt.

I am happy to announce that the Scarab School has been awarded by the World Architecture Community.

But I am even more happy to announce that the school is growing from 28 to 40 children in September 2010 and an annex is needed. The design is now ready and accepted by the Tuareg and they will construct it until September. I have uploaded the plans for the annex: an atelier where the Tuareg women are teaching the traditional crafts to their children. In the existent classroom they continue with normal teaching classes like French and maths …

Besides all these great news I would like to invite you to have a look at AmiMali, the non-profit organisation behind the project, who is still looking for donations.

On the 5th of July you will get a post on the “third dimension LIGHT” and for those who like to travel and exchange: ar2com is at the SAUD2010 conference in Amman talking about “UNESCO = Walt Disney ?”

The Second International Conference on Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development from 12- 14 July, 2010 in Amman, Jordan

I wish you a pleasant week,

02/06/2010 ar2com talks to the Finish architect Marco Casagrande

Dear ar2com-listeners and especially you ,

I would like to invite you to that special podcast an anarchitect and an archetist have a talk.

Marco Casagrande is an architect from Finland. I called him a an anarchitect mixing anarchy and architecture, since I feel his work REAL. Including ideas of urban acupuncture his work is soft and violent at the same time – something which has to be beautiful because of its honest trueness.

0:00 is it just provocation to burn your architecture or to build ruins?
2:45 what is the energy you take out of ruins?
5:33 living at the edge of habitat …
7:05 is nature the first architecture?
7:58 what are your origins? what do primitive tools like a fireplace have to do with architecture?
12:30 skin … patina … being present >>> what is your message to visual 3d software architects?
17:00 hope on teaching = celebrate the time of being FREE
19:25 connection and communication, use of web 2.0
22:28 ‘the medium is the message’ – McLuhan: are we changing with our new environment? GREEN buildings???
26:25 why are you an architect?

Visit an anarchitect and an archetist have a talk to listen to the interview.

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Don’t space your moves
but move your space
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