bonding spaces

peter andersonPeter Anderson, a multi-artist now living in Iceland, talks with me about the bonds between spaces and the harsh contrast between summer and winter life in Iceland. His impressive stills of architecture with moving dancers ‘on’ it touched me – and confused me as an architect.

interesting links:
His exhibition ‘shaping form’ which takes place in the Print House Gallery in London will start the 6th of August (until the end of August).
The films we have been talking about fantasy bond and stone wall.

ar2com supported by some dancers and architects will go to Istanbul to produce either a shortfilm or a project about ‘how is it communicating across the border: oriental / occidental‘.
We will stay there the whole August (therefore no post during that period).

If you have some suggestions to make, please leave a comment or email me or phone me 0541 28 88 44 2.

In September ar2com continues posting. Enjoy summer!

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