Interviews of the PoolPlayTutors = interdisciplinary summer academy

The summer academy by ar2com / to communications/ is inviting the three professions of musicians, architects and actors to elaborate a play within two weeks. It’ll take place for the first time in September 2011 with the theme: #01 PoolPlay bites. The application to #01 PoolPlay bites will never end for creatives.

what ? a summer academy for musicians, architects and actors
when ? 09/09/2012 – 16/09/2012
where ? Innichen, South Tyrole – Italy

who ? tutors
> Günter ‘Baby’ Sommer is one of the master musicians of contemporary European jazz. He belongs to the circle of extraordinary drummers that developed throughout the improvised music scene a highly individual playing and built up the unmistakable. Since 1995 he has been professor at the School of Music “Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden
theatre >dance/theatre > Douglas Bateman is a teacher at the Hochschule for music and dance in Köln. Douglas
has been creating with the Dansateliers for the last 4 years his first collaboration, a dance theatre solo “Wonderland” has been performed in various guises in and out of the traditional theatre setting.
architecture > Jula-Kim Sieber … well that is me, the blog owner of ar2com. Besides as you know I am an architect and a singer and always up for new creative challenges.

who ? participants
PoolPlay is a summer academy for creative human beings who would like to train or better their interhuman, intercultural and interdisciplinary skills during a playful, palpable project. This year we are focusing on architecture, music and theatre.

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