Rio de Janeiro – how it all started

Part one of the trilogy ‘ – now I know you‘.

31 weeks ago I was asking *Rio! Who are you Rio?*, struggling to draw a correct image. Now I see everything a bit more relaxed and I do understand Rio, because once you’ve figured out the basics you can simplify the whole story.

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the rest by julakim

One thought on “Rio de Janeiro – how it all started

  1. landscapearchitect

    i love the green one for the little boy peeing in the sand. and of course the bodybuilders! only last week i passed by a couple of pedestrians on my bike that were standing on the sidewalk waiting for a chance to cross the road. among them a little boy. i am really bad in guessing kids ages. anything between able to walk and first grade of school, i figure. anyways he fumbeld his weenie out an peed on the street just in front of me. i have seen something similar so many times in this city, you wouldnt fucking believe it.

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