Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development

That is what the SAUD 2010 conference in Amman, Jordan, is about. The closing ceremonies will be on Wednesday 14th of July. The topics for the conference are:
– Sustainable Construction Materials & Technologies
– Design with Nature
– Sustainable Housing and Neighborhoods
– Low Energy Architecture
– Eco-Mobility: Sustainability in Transport
– Vernacular Architecture and Sustainability
– Sustainability Assessment & Buildings Performance
– Sustainability in Developing Countries
– Vernacular Architecture and Sustainability
– Urban Sustainability and Low Carbon Development
– Urban Design and Sustainability
– Reflections on Sustainability
– Sustainability in Arab Countries
– Cultural Heritage and Eco-Tourism
– Sustainable Renovation and Restoration
– Urbanism in the Middle East
– Sustainable Design Issues
– Landscape and Ecological Sustainability
– Sustainability Assessment Methods, Applications and Limitations
– Ecological, Social and Cultural Sensitivity
– Eco-Tourism and Sustainability
– Low Energy Architecture
– Ecological, Social and Cultural Sensitivity
– Traditional Architecture and Sustainability
Jula-Kim Sieber will be talking tomorrow at Session 4C on Reflections on Sustainability about “UNESCO = Walt Disney?”.

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