Scarab School in the Desert

No School for Tuareg-Kids without Global Communication

Direct communication between human beings beyond cultures and nations is an important task in building a social environment. The right for education is part of the human rights bill. Vernacular buildings help us survive because we need local identity.

scarab school model

In the foto the Tuareg tent is still missing which will arrive in July. More fotos and plans can be seen at the architecture website.

The project is financed by the association AmiMali e.V. Donations are welcome. An annex is in construction. A different Tuareg clan is waiting for its own school.
You can listen to the feature of the Scarab School at the Hessischer Rundfunk, a public German broadcasting station.
The German Newspaper Darmstädter Echo published an article about the school: Die Wüstenschule aus dem Internet Westafrika: Darmstädter Architektin entwarf für und mit Tuareg-Nomaden in Mali einen Unterrichtsbau aus Lehm by Petra Neumann-Prystaj.
The school was presented at the Malian stand during the world urban forum in Rio de Janeiro.
I attached an interview by Salif Sanogo working for TV ORTM, the national broadcasting in Mali, in French.
The Scarab School has been awarded at World Architecture Community.

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  1. La Escuela Escarabajo (promovida por la asociación Amimali) combina dos tradiciones: la de la construcción en adobe de la ciudad de Tombuctú, y la del levantamiento de tiendas de los nómadas tuareg del Sahara del Sur. La combinación de estas dos culturas es muy sencilla, pero en realidad no existe. . .

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