Local Radio Stations

Their importance for a community to express themselves, to get help, to get farther on in life – especially in a megacity.
“The intellectual, artistic, scientific freedom of opinion and press is guaranteed without censure or authorisation.” – From the Brazilian constitution, Article 5
So any citizen has the right to express himself – even favelados. It is a basic right like breathing, thinking, living.

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The Power of Music and the Power in Favelas

‘Culture is Our Weapon: AfroReggae in the Favelas of Rio’. A live interview with Damian Platt, director of international relations by AfroReggae.

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AfroReggae and Urban Connections

Damian Platt used to be Brazil campaigner at Amnesty International and is now the coordinator for international partnerships at the cultural group AfroReggae.
Tell us Damian when did this cultural movement start?

Well to make a show in a favela brings alegria happiness just for a few hours. How long lasts a show and why do you believe it a good vehicle to change something? And for how long?

So urban connections is just about a bringing a high profile show to a favela or are there any other activities?

You are in charge of the international partnerships. How would you characterise the AfroReggae international reputation right now?

I still haven’t understood quite yet what AfroReggae got to do with the favela, since it was a newspaper of Black culture and Reggae parties in Rio. Could you explain that to me?

Social integration via music is a widespread topic. So let’s keep that for next week when we will continue our talk focusing more on the role of music and the everyday life in a favela.

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