The Practical Urbanity in Rocinha

Rocinha's participation

In the second part of the Interview with the carioca architect Carlos Luis Toledo, who has his side office in the biggest called , we are talking about the urban design in this . The favelados, the slum indwellers, are participating in the process of the new urbanisation there, since they can look back over a long tradition of making urbanity by their own.

Rocinha's participation

The first part of the interview was posted on the 04fev2008. It gives an overview of the theoretical urbanisation of Rocinha.

2 thoughts on “The Practical Urbanity in Rocinha

  1. atriz

    são seres humanos que se submeteram ha morar
    neste local .

    julakim is translating:
    Favelado? no!
    These are human beings who are complying to live in this place.

    julakim is replying:
    Have a look at this comment by btgms. There is a lot of work to be done on definitions and political correctness. I already noticed that on my interview with José Tannuri.

  2. i am resident of Rocinha and if somebody from the asfalt say “favelado”, then it can be negative but my friends here in Rocinha call me favelado all the time, no problem..

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