to be continued next week

Thanks to blog analistics I have understood just now that posting every week is way too much and it seems to become superficial.
So from now on you will have a theme once a month (might be consisting of just one blog or more). This might produce less confusion, too. At least during the first year I have produced enough posts to appear on random google/youtube whatever requests etc. I.d. ar2com stays alive nearly on its own.

I am happy with that first year (thank you) and hope to meet you more and more on my blog.

One thought on “to be continued next week

  1. I think it’s a good idea once a month.
    And at now it will be also about Germany or Europe. Architecture keeps communicating and communication is still architecture.

    julakim is replying:
    not quite yet … there’s still a lot of raw material from Rio waiting to be cooked.

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