“The Architecture in my Dance is Quite Subversive”

trajal harrell
Trajal Harrell was one of the web coaches from the imPULStanz 2008. He is explaining to me his way to use in his choreographies and draws conclusions from applying it to dance.

One thought on ““The Architecture in my Dance is Quite Subversive”

  1. a nice piece. first i agree that respect is more virtuos than love. two, in the heat of a perfomance, its difficult to discern the boundaries between the audience, the perfomers and the community. the act become rolled up into one expression of ‘life’. three, concieving the ‘human body’ in dance and architecture as an expression is ultimate when they relate to space, time and events. meanings could be obvious or implicit but ‘good architecture’ and ‘good dance/music’ is only that which communicates ‘good values/virtues’

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