what is architecture for you?

The results of the on-line poll can be read here following the system:
your occupation living in country of residence “what is for you?„.
But I made some audio ones, too, including opinions by Andrea Jabor (dancer/choreographor), Barabara Lubich (sociologist, movie maker, dancer), Jose Tannuri (artist), Didier Vander Heyden (architect), Trajal Harrel (dancer/choreographer) …
what is architecture

Architect living in Barbados “Everything!
It is our attempt to structure our environment in some beautiful, meaningful sense of form.”

architect living in spain “the ability to help my friends, family, and the unable to create shelter, place, and home”
Designer living in India “no. comments…it’s my part of life.”
Network Analyst by profession; Cultural Historian by divine providence living in USA “Symbol of a people, a time”
urbanist/city planner living in Switzerland “one of the most interesting theme, because all what happens in life: it has a context to urban planning/urban design. an architecture is one of the most imprtant part of this.”
President of the US and A living in Offenbach, Germany “like frozen music”
architecture student living in uk says “an expression of space in any form. the use of simple objects transforming space. industrial reconnection with art form and the regeneration of what was…”
violoncelista e arte educadora living in BRASIL says “um meio de se pensar o homem e sua relação com a cidade, com a moradia, e sua integração com o meio ambiente. um instrumento de transformação social e reflexão. num país onde a moradia é ainda um problema sem solução, onde assentamentos de desabrigados pelas chuvas viram favelas (como aconteceu nos anos 80 em petrópolis), onde não há uma política efetiva de remoção de moradores em áreas de risco, onde ainda temos pessoas vivendo caoticamente e obras são feitas somente com interesse eleitoral urge que pensemos a arquitetura como instrumento de transformação. a sabedoria da arquitetura indígena brasileira, as gambiarras nas favelas, as mansões que são construídas sem licitação, essa zona que acontece aqui é revoltante e inspiradora ao mesmo tempo…„
social worker, radio chat show host for kids living in Germany says “cozy place to live in, warm well-being place, has to be decorative and multifunctional (especially many schools and hospitals could need improvement in that way)…„.
being and searching for myself living in Italy says “The first thing that comes to my mind is a House, so I would say architecture is the art of satisfying one of the basic needs of the human beings, a shelter a refuge, then I think it’s Aesthetics, the beauty or uglyness of shapes, what defines a urban landscape, then it’s what my father does for a living„.
living my life as well as i can – even if i chose the worse option living in Germany says ” living; society; responsibility; beauty; enriching the natural landscape in the best case, messing it up irreparably in the worst case; function; the older i get, the more i notice it , but unfortunately often only if it is bad „.
landscape architect living in Germany says ” Architecture is something that stops the forest from growing. There are other ways stopping the forest from growing but this is one of the most efficent ones. Some people grow some small forests on the top of their houses or on their balconies, but these are not independent. They are like birds in a cage. If the owner forgets to give them water, they die.„.
static sound for the eyes living in http://criticdocs.wordpress.com/ says ” exchanging ideas „.
Walking in the mountain! living in Switzerland says ” Architecture is really immense! There is things awfuls, and another really beautiful… I like to observe architecture and think about the beauty and the usefulness of a building. Some time I do not find anything, some time I just find it great! „.
architecture living in Spain Sweden says ” its something that can make you smile if you spend time with it „.
learning and teaching living in Germany says ” often ugly and cold but necessary sometimes great and “über die dinge hinausweisend” was neues erschaffend „.
sustainability living in italy says ” making space a place for people „.
Architect/musician living in says ” Synthesis and culutre… „.
Empresario en Medios de comunicaciones. living in Brasil says ” Al arte de construir edificios se le denomina arquitectura, una definición bastante efímera desde mi punto de vista, si tenemos presente que ello es más que simplemente trazar o dibujar planos, sin embargo dicho arte tiene un origen utilitario porque surge como una necesidad del hombre a cubrirse de las inclemencias del tiempo así como la protección contra las bestias salvajes, este fin práctico es sin duda el causante de lo que milenios después se denominará una de las Bellas Artes la ARQUITECTURA „.
leben living in Germany says ” Eine Möglichkeit, die Lebensqualität gehörig zu steigern – irgendwie ist Architektur immer positiv besetzt, Wohnsilos und Bunker fallen nicht in diese Kategorie. „.
political mixer living in ge many says ” my house my castle my family my own room my plant which likes to entwine the window in the middle the view 180 degrees up and down, a tiki tiki hoch und a tikitiki runter „.
musico living in Portugal says ” Arquitetura para mim é a alternativa da visão de um novo mundo. „.
Architect —–> noiser living in Belgium says ” most boring and interesting job „.
Advertising living in Belgium says ” A way to make life easyer for people and cities more human. „.
architect, comic designer and dreamer living in belgium says ” For , architecture is : make a space with a lot of discussion with different people „.
living in says ” l’architecture c’est rendre des gens heureux …libérer ce qu’on a en nous sous forme de beauté ….se soulager du travail de la journée „.
being there, watching life go by, staying uncommited… mostly living in germany says ” a narcist’s playground, somewhere between boredome and genius „.
Travelling living in France says ” (Supposed Special) Design of constructions „.
student living in Germany says ” adaption ad un environnement „.
navigating in teh field of architecture, art and urban research in different cultural contexts living in austria says ” the perception, conception, production and representation of space „.
architect living in Australia says ” fun, connections, networking, communication, creating, organising „.
architecture living in germany says ” s p a c e- seeing space, combining space, defining space, space to be creative, develop – liquid space „.
dance student living in England says ” first off i think Grand Designs but its an art form used to create buidings and or physical structures. „.
travelling, hiding in a hole, coming out and up next?! living in germany says ” etwas, dass dem Auge schmeichelt – how to say in denglish? well, at first something to see something that is about atmosphere about visualization about beeing or getting impressed by something about art – in a way horizon-creating „.
culture, arts and media living in Germany says ” a good excuse to separate human from nature (but only if it is good…) „.
no one living in BRASIL says ” environment „.
Bouger à droite à gauche / rencontrer des gens interressants living in Germany says ” Edification et gravage d’état d’âme „.
Contemporary Art living in FRANCE says ” Defend the place where man exists. „.
architecture living in Germany says ” Architecture helps you to cope your life. Without architecture life would be boring. Architecture is one of the basis for the daily life – without the build and nowadays interactive environment we still would live without any roof over our heads – in the middle of nowhere: no retirement, no home, no interaction between people etc. „.
selling IT living in BE says ” buildings – not much more „.
Music with a meaning. living in Germany says ” Earth – Take all what mother earth is providing us – stone, wood, glass, steel… And create a space worth living in. „.
Translations/languages living in Germany says ” Architecture is projecting space in an esthetic, functional and human way „.
living in Germany says ” live determinant factor, which can allow as much as it can avoid developpement for single persons as well as for groups and mankind as a whole. „.
Designer living in Australia says ” transforming places to memorable spaces. „.
papa living in Mexico says ” medio de expresion „.
student living in turkey says ” evaluating and trying to make things better. „.
Architecture living in India says ” My Passion „.
architect living in russian federation says ” my job „.

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