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A Real Site


The ‚Zona Portuaria‘, the former harbour of Rio de Janeiro, is not used anymore, since industries have changed to containers. About 25 depots are aligned on a row like pearls on a necklace, but actually active are just a few. Therefore there are over-watched by security guards. The fear of having informal settlement is too big; structure and walls are still in a good form.
to cast pearls before swine?

The people are being robbed a prime land, since the location is top: view of Niteroi, good connection to the centre as well as Rio's suburbs thanks to the nearby railway and bus station, and an active, vivid neighbourhood (= on the ground level little shops, craftsmen offices and restaurants, plus three floors of housing.
But this neighbourhood is cut off the bay partly through the innercity elevated highway, but mostly through the highly watched, closed ‚depots‘-wall.

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What the Mayor does

The city has already organised 6 competitions and published a professional colour book. But they only realised the Samba-City (to attract tourists of course); and a circuit for bikers along the bay is still in discussion.
But this is not enough, to give the bay back to the people.

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To Provoke Communication

The yellow colour represents places where communications occurs easily.
Existent cultural places are marked with a yellow dot.
My proposition is to transform the first depot in to the RPC and to contaminate (or at least give an impulse) for following transformation on the other depots. The aim is to achieve a lifely zone 'a chain of vivid pearls' along the bay where everyone has access to. I am imagining samba schools, night clubs, theatre and mix it with housing (maybe loft style which would not be too expensive and keep the industrial character of the harbour zone).

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