darmstadt migrates …

We have been organising an event to celebrate multiculturalism in small scale cities. We invite you to our picnic this SUNDAY at the city gardens in called HERRNGARTEN from 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm in between Herrngarten-Café and Goethe statue you will find us. Besides the picnic there will be a colourful, active cultural entertainment.
darmstadt migrates

Listen to our radio session on Radio Darmstadt.

The interaction among cultures have contributed to the enjoyment of more spicy lives!
On june 20th you are invited to celebrate multiculturalism in Darmstadt and participate at the Picnic!

Thinking and talking about multiculturalism is an important way to create an open and receptive society where different cultures are respected and integrated. We have produced a colourful, active program and are looking forward to your participation. It would be nice, if you bring along some traditional food / drinks to pimp up our picnic – for the cultural entertainment we have everything arranged.

we have been organising an event in Darmstadt to celebrate multiculturalism in small-scale cities. it will take place this SUNDAY at 2 pm in the city gardens called HERRNGARTEN. Please have a look at our program. Tell it to your friends.

Diversity creates beauty // N.A.D.
A workshop to write a poem together, to show that the interaction of different cultures can be creative and produce something beautiful… breathing > feeling > writing

Multicultural integration and global citizenship // Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
Talk about North-South collaboration for multicultural sustainable development. Culture care and sustainability. Travel and global citizenship. Modern cities and multicultural integration.

common border // human beings

2 people 2 sheets 2 brushes 2 colours = our moments

tum tam!! // Zulazula

“Peace through Music”
nice images, nice music from all over the world

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