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The category ar2com stands for architecture to communication. The posts are quite mixed with audio or video files, essays, interviews, artistic reactions or life reports.

ar = architecture and urbanism
com = communication < dance,
art, music, film, community spirit, etc.

The whole blog is filtered through my architect’s eyes and my singer’s ears and my artist’s soul. The posts are not always supposed to be straight and easy to digeste, but should give you an impulse to …. where ever you would like to go to.
I wish you an interesting journey!


a community initiated by ALL

IGNORARTIgnorart is nothing! It’s you knowing nothing but feeling and expressing. It’s the side of the human being wanting to speak freely without running or fearing. It’s the power within able to drive you in the blindness of the night since your eyes see more when it comes to express what you feel. It’s a way of connection through feelings and beliefs. An artistic movement to advocate in favor of our unequal, dramatic, misunderstood, underdeveloped, colonized and slave traded existence.
Today, it’s a world of racial, religious and social “apartheids” and we are just a number out of thousands of people who stands artistically in a rusty world in need of bright colors to exist beautifully in one! We have chosen to stand and we are willing to keep going naked as we truly feel each other.

Inspired by symbolic and abstracted representation of forms we are a connection of different backgrounds, cultures and religions or beliefs. We stand in the ground of what you truly believe in order to explore creatively different layers of human race, promote the humanism to be found in each one of us as individuals by using art as a tool to crystallize our tragically confined existence. You are invited to take off your old clothes and follow us as naked as we can feel you.

kommunikative architektur

an architecture studio

ar2com - kommunikative architektur aus darmstadtIf this is too theoretical for you or maybe you are just interested in some real architecture, you can visit the architecture firm website: ar2com – kommunikative architektur aus darmstadt.
The firm is offering projects in human scale in a global world. Its understanding of sustainability is based on culture and a good communication between site owner and architect, craft men and architect and of the future user should not be excluded in the process of designing and building.


The Sound of Rio

The podcast is accomplished by a website in English and German, where you can find more information and photos – not in chronological but in content dued order.

Visit it at www.radiofavela.ar2com.de

Here you can listen to the podcasts of the RadioFavela-Project – categorized in three chapters:
Not assumable becomes consumable … becomes subsumable. Please notice that on the blog you will always start with the last posted podcast.

The project can be implanted in every megacity even though it is planned for Rio de Janeiro.
Could you imagine or even suggest other cities offering such a service like the RadioProductionCentre?

Besides RadioFavela the podcast ar2com features a lot of other cultural productivity from all over the world.

The copyrights of the content can be found on ©opy and Share.

You can find a visual overview on ar2com’s facebook page.

the ar2com-vimeo-channel offers a collection of videos who helped me to understand what is or can be ar2com.


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