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You still have to wait until you find right here some sound information on the megacity of Rio de Janeiro.

FavelaRadio is the sound of Rio which is produced in the favelas, on the morros, in the slums.

Not assumable becomes consumable … … … becomes subsumable are the three chapters of the work. Not assumable is the situation in Rio de Janeiro, but over the years it got very consumable thanks to the cultural production/activity of the favelados, the inhabitants of slums. And finally it becomes subsumable…

The first post will be on Carneval, when for the first time the favela came out as a producer of culture. ‘Deixa Falar’ (let them talk) is the first bloco de samba parading in Estacio and Praca Onze back in 1928 – the birth of today’s carneval in Rio de Janeiro.

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