Urban Landscape ‘Megalopolis’

Last week I had my view on favela. If you dropped by, please regard that this sequence started with favela. If you are lost, start again with the beginning called favela. Today it’s the . Below you see the diagram (added as cover for feed-subscribers).


Auf deutsch könnt Ihr Stadtgefüge Megalopolis hier nachlesen.
External Links:
When a Favela Dared to Become a Gated Condominium is a publication by João H. Costa Vargas, Department of Anthropology at the University of Texas. You can download the whole PDF of 34 pages, too.
Lendo Música is a book on the public rehearsals from Samba to Carioca Funk.
Favela protesta em lançamento de condomínio bilionário, protest by favelados with some fotos.
Favela x Condomínio Where do people prefer to live?
About 3 Enclaves: Favela, Condominio, Shopping, a philosophical text by architect Carlos M. Teixeira.

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