what is communication for you?

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your occupation living in country of residence “what is for you?„.
But I made some audio ones, too, including opinions by Andrea Jabor (dancer/choreographor), Barabara Lubich (sociologist, movie maker, dancer), Jose Tannuri (artist), Didier Vander Heyden (architect), Trajal Harrel (dancer/choreographer) …
what is communication

Architect living in Barbados “Meaningful exchange of information.”
architect living in spain ” listening, perceiving, caring”
Designer living in India ” to express his/her view/opinion/message”
Network Analyst by profession; Cultural Historian by divine providence living in USA “knowledge”
urbanist/city planner living in Switzerland “Ja….., what to say…. again the most important thin. communication ist not only what we speak–and listen, or hear. It’s the question what we get to know (of what we listen, see etc.). And it’s the “art” we handle/deal with other people or stakeholders) etc. “
President of the US and A living in Offenbach, Germany “if it is for everyone, then good.”
violoncelista e arte educadora living in BRASIL says “é um poderoso instrumento que na maior parte das vezes é mal usado. importante pensar que na era da globalização onde muitos tem acesso a informação, muitas vezes a qualidade da informação é duvidosa e a maioria da população (independente da classe social) se anestesia com big brothers da vida… trabalho num CIEP e o governo do estado cedeu aos professores laptops para usarmos nas aulas democratizando o acesso a internet para os alunos, no entanto, na escola onde trabalho não há como conectar, quer dizer, o que adianta dar computador se não há acesso a rede? são contradicões e mais contradições. aqui não se investe em educação de qualidade. meus alunos, por mais que estudem não tem condição de passar num vestibular pois as universidades públicas são concorridíssimas e eles não podem competir com a classe média. o analfabetismo ainda existe, dentro da escola…professores mal remunerados e exaustos não podem dar conta do recado…no entanto continuo acreditando que podemos mudar o país e o mundo com real investimento em educação e comunicação de qualidade.„
social worker, radio chat show host for kids living in Germany says ” the most important thing to achieve peace and understanding„.
being and searching for myself living in Italy says “communication is movement of energy, perception of patterns, pulsating and vibrating within myself and with others in positive or neagtive ways, I don’t know if there is a state where there is no communication, communication is everywhere.„.
lawyer living in Germany says “expressing myself and what i want to say the way i mean it, no misinterpretation„.
landscape architect / fotographer living in Germany says “Words, sentences, a deep look in the eye, the lifting of an eyebrow, waving to someone, smiling – any interaction that is noticed by somebody else is communiciation to me. „.
film critics living in http://criticdocs.wordpress.com/ says “exchanging ideas„.
Walking in the mountain! living in Switzerland says “Communication is like a feeling. I never can understand it. I just fell that there is nothing to do if the flow is off between two persons, that’s it! „.
architecture living in Spain Sweden says “you need to learn to be silence and listen,and apeak when you have something to say….but i can speak against a wall so this is just a guess..hehe..as you know.„.
learning and teaching living in Germany says “essential, my life. I love to communicate in many ways by phone, email, face-to-face, letters, postcards, listening to stories…„.
sustainability living in italy says “the way to democracy„.
Architect/musician living in says “interaction and connection at all levels…„.
Empresario en Medios de comunicaciones. living in Brasil says “La comunicación es un fenómeno natural en todo el universo, relevante por el hecho de que esta aporta a su receptor un paquete de energía compatible con su sistema de transacción de cargas, beneficiándole en alguna de sus capacidades.„.
leben living in Germany says “Alles was wir tun Ein absolut notwendiges Übel Quelle von Missverständnissen und von Verstehen„.
living in ger many says “hallo hamaara dostiiiii!„.
living in says “Tudo o que passa uma mensagem interessante.„.
Architect —–> noiser living in Belgium says “(articulated) noise„.
Advertising living in Belgium says “basic need „.
architect, comic designer and dreamer living in belgium says “It is the base of every relationship„.
living in says “c’est le plus important j’aime beaucoup„.
being there, watching life go by, staying uncommited… mostly living in germany says “interaction of people & means of power many dream of„.
Travelling living in France says “Expression of messages„.
student living in Germany says “exchange„.
navigating in teh field of architecture, art and urban research in different cultural contexts living in austria says “human interrelation, life„.
architect living in Australia says “important action between people, absolutely essential„.
architecture living in germany says “t i m e- time to listen, time to reflect, time to gather, time to learn, time to be„.
dance student living in England says “a way in which to express yourself….a necessity„.
travelling, hiding in a hole, coming out and up next?! living in germany says “communication is just everything! to be means to communicate. even alone, talking to myself, I am constantly communicating. then not just sending – even alone I may be receiving. Or even just thinking I would be receiving thoughts from the outside… every single thing that surrounds us communicates – you maybe sitting besides a river (ever read Hesse’s Siddartha? 😉 ) or tracking in the south of Argentina … leads us to other thoughts we could easily spend hours and days and weeks to talk about ….„.
culture, arts and media living in Germany says “an interaction between different closed and open systems and its surroundings, an constantly ongoing process of differentiation, a good excuse to be alive„.
no one living in BRASIL says “colors„.
Bouger à droite à gauche / rencontrer des gens interressants living in Germany says “Transfert d’information„.
Contemporary Art living in FRANCE says “Illusion.„.
architecture living in Germany says “Without communication no one can exist!„.
selling IT living in BE says “almost everything – the more professional, the less interesting„.
Music with a meaning. living in Germany says “Air – the blink of an eye, the breeze of a smile, the flow of words, the movement of gestures… Interaction with other people is the air we breath„.
Translations/languages living in Germany says “every way of mental and emotional exchange between subjects or even objects.„.
living in Germany says “necessary and in the same time a very good catalyser for any kind of development based on people„.
Designer living in Australia says “Whatever comes to a communication, I like face to face communication. I like meeting and having a chat with a person who draw beautiful drawings instaed of looking at just the drawings and I love to see the person who write beautiful text not just reading the beautil text. I guess that almost touching distance communication is still far more important than whatever communications available to date. „.
papa living in Mexico says “….medio de expresion„.
student living in turkey says “happiness„.
Architecture living in India says “Vital for life in any form„.
architect living in russian federation says “something i need„.

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