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Again we are going to talk about that topic MONEY and all these capitalist philosophies.

This video here is a mixture of
a performance/protest of gringo que fala during the WUF5 in Rio de Janeiro who took place at the storehouses in the harbour zone.
a video by the city hall of Rio de Janeiro with their proposition of the harbour zone based on PRIVATE money input into highrise buildings and use the outcome of this PRIVATE money into PUBLIC investments. I recorded it during the exhibition of the world urban forum in Rio de Janeiro.
(more information can be found Porto Maravilha – Propaganda Institucional da Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro
on the My proposition dating from July 2005 is just offering an open re-use of the storehouses, since the urban pattern is actually quite nice in that area:

OF COURSE money for infrastructure is always a good idea and needed in that area, too. there are three main favelas in that area who would appreciate such an action.

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  1. mayor of Seaton

    Imagine living in a Tesco house, sending your child to a Tesco school, swimming in a Tesco pool and, of course, shopping at the local Tesco superstore. According to the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (Cabe), the government’s adviser on architecture and design, this collective monopoly is not an imaginary dystopia. “Tesco Towns” on this model are already being planned across the UK, from Inverness in Scotland to Seaton in Devon.

    Tesco is proposing to build a superstore, hundreds of homes and a hotel in the Devon town.


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