Where are you from?

I thought it would be funny to see where you are coming from. You can locate yourself and indicate your occupation.
Well, I am impressed: you are showing up! But com’on put some colour into the map! Even a photo in black&white would do!

Just a statistic widget to show you where you are from (statistics started on 01apr08, only visitors to the site, not feedreaders are displayed). But please still put your images in the map ahead. 🙂
Only above you can link to your own homepage.

7 thoughts on “Where are you from?

  1. Schreiner.

    bon soir, schön deine neue welt zu durchstöbern.
    meine alte welt hat mich heute mit einem regenbogen beschenkt.
    bis die tage
    kuss veit

  2. architect, carpenter

    from germany, 100% german, 100% European, now learning russian language and central-asian way-of-life…
    what the hell is going on here?

  3. I’m from Brazil. I’m musician and live in Portugal.
    Very nice know different persons from the world.

  4. hey im from germany but live in california, usa. I am working on a paper about the favelas in Rio and adore to discover this amazing page. keep going!!! peace and love judi

  5. Bonjour,

    I’m from… yeah good question, where am I from ? I’m from France but I can’t tell you exactly where… The only thing I know it’s that I’ve shared special moments in “Le Mas de la Nojarette” and it was an other planet located in Ardeche !
    Allez, un petit peu en français pour mixer le tout, je suis impressioné par l’amplitude de ton blog, et toutes les cultures qui sont prêtes à y échanger leurs expérience, points de vue et autres sujets. Je te souhaite de développer encore et encore ces ramifications qui mènent finalement à l’endroit où l’on vit tous : le monde.

    Bisous à tous ! (Si tu m’as reconnu, c’est à ton tour de m’écrire)

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