happy birthday ar2com – yes, it is the 3d one!

dreaming of …


choreo … agnes sitompul
I-Beatz … ingrid tietz, boris lempka, elena orth, agnes sitompul, pascal kuderewski
funkstarz: silvia neveril, thomas friedrich, ina hoffman, gerhard pilschke, elke wagner
camera … tim ubaldo, elham massuod
towel … druckamt.de
music … Techno Mahal

Three years of a vivid interaction in cyper- and real spaces!
Here I am to recall the three best episodes of ar2com:

Let’s talk about the World-Wide Crisis!
an interview with Terry Lynn, singer from Waterhouse, Kingston, Jamaica on how to fight against urban violence with music

Arquitetura do Movimento (the architecture of movement)
Three interviews with Andrea Jabor on how easy going can be communication and interaction in architectural and urban space.

FUSION CITIES – consolidation of movement
two bordering cities are growing together (a seminar at TU Darmstadt)
BRAKIN_natural : Brazzaville and Kinshasa, SAN JUANA_artificial : San Diego and Tijuana, JERUSALEM_political : East and West Jerusalem, FAVEMINIO_social : Favela and Condominio in Rio de Janeiro

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